The Pros and Cons of Gas Powered Golf Carts

Published: 03rd January 2009
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The gas-powered golf cart has been used for decades by golfers and drivers alike. Their convenience and speed are more than that of an electric cart and they hold their value much longer as well. The pros and cons for each type of cart are endless, but in the end it all depends on your particular intentions for their use. After all, while gas powered carts of highly convenient, they don't work for everyone. To get you started and help you make an educated decision, we've compiled this list of pros and cons of gas-powered golf carts.

Pro 1: Won't Get Stranded
Gasoline is easily transportable, so as long as you have a gas can on your cart (which you always should) you'll never be stuck without gas. For farmers or anyone who wants to have their cart to travel far distances on acres of land, gas is the only way to go. While electric cars are indeed more environmentally friendly, for long distances they're simply not sensible.

Con 1: Hazards
There's always the chance of a gas explosion during a collision in a golf cart. While collisions aren't extremely common in this type of vehicle, if you're buying the cart for off-course driving, you may want to look into the safety features.

Pro 2: Price
Gas Golf carts are often less expensive than electric golf carts. However, do not forget that you'll still need to fill your golf cart with gasoline regularly, which we all know is not as cheap as it used to be.

Con 2: Pollution
A lot of people think because golf carts are so small and less fast, they don't pollute like cars do. They do, however, contribute to pollution and you aren't really doing the planet a favor by purchasing one.

Pro 3: Durability
Gas powered golf carts tend to last much longer than electric carts. They may not come in as many colors and varieties, but they are made of more durable materials and have longer-lasting engines and easily affordable parts. They also tend to handle hills and rough terrain more easily.

Con 3: Noise
Gas golf carts are, indeed, loud. The motors made for them make a noisy rumbling sound when they're running, and they may even be a bit "bouncy" while idling. Carts may also get a bit messy when they drip gas or oil, so it's recommended you keep a tarp underneath them in the garage.

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